The first results

The ivory and pink rose corset!! I photographed it over a cream skirt but I think this is the kind of corset that would look equally fabulous over a pair of blue jeans.

The corset measurements are:
Bust - 36 inches
Waist - 26 inches
Hip - 36 inches
Front length - 15.5 inches
Side length - 12 inches
Back length - 15.5 inches

Though don't forget that I can recreate this corset to any size or dimension and I'm happy to tweak other aspects, it's always fascinating for me to add another person's perspective to a design!

I had started to think about bringing more colour in to the idea, I have a really gorgeous dark green dupion satin that I think could bring out the green, leafy shades so beautifully. Of course it's just so typical that the perfect shade of green thread has to be the one that the sewing machine decides it isn't going to like and won't sew! I have to get my hands on some more midnight blue taffeta aswell or crepe backed satin, or maybe something a bit more floaty for the summer, I do love the blue!

Bound By Obsession corsetry


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